Wednesday, February 2, 2011

A Girl's Best Friend

 I've been thinking...

Dogs are man's best friend, right?  Right.  We've known this for years.  It makes sense for them to be.  Men need a companion who is loyal, will come when they're called, and give them sweet affection even when they don't deserve it.  While they don't get all of these things all the time from their girlfriend/fiance/wife, they will certainly receive it from the most gracious of all beasts.

People have grappled with woman's best friend for years... naturally, and usually it is something materialistic or needy. DIAMONDs... diamonds are a girls best friend.  Really?  Ummm...well I mean EVERY girl likes those, DUH. 

You really want to know who a girl's best friend really is?  A girl's best friend is ANYONE willing to listen to her BITCH!  So chat away dear friends, chat away!  


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  1. you got me lova :) thanks for fb stalking for me!