Tuesday, February 1, 2011

On Womanhood

What are girls made of?
Sugar + Spice + Everything Nice...

From FRIENDSHIP to fashion to SEX to weddings to MAINTENANCE to babies to WORK to cooking and CLEANING, sunbathing and MANIS/PEDIS...we can really have it all.  
Men have NO idea!  

This is a bitch blog about what it means to be a woman in the 2000s and living PROOF that God is in fact, a man...otherwise, LIFE would really be much easier, more organized and have a dash of fabulous!  


  1. Funny Amanda!
    Love the collage and the blog header!
    So creative! That's YOU!

    as for God ~
    God tells us to BE STILL ~ if I listened, life would be simpler, nothing to organize... and I'd notice the "dash" of fabulous much more often ♥

    love you ~mom

  2. life is fabulous anyway ;) but thank you for the laugh :)